Canopy Growth Corporation

In October 2018, Cannabis became legal in Canada.

With restrictive marketing regulations, companies were looking for a way to stand out with their packaging... However, the regulatory requirements for Cannabis packaging meant that manufacturers must be able to deliver child-resistant, smell-proof containers that communicated the brand equity to consumers. Heres what Amy Wasserman, Canopy's head of recreational marketing, said about the process in an interview with BNN Bloomberg:

"We were always dreaming about tin and what tin means to people," She said. "There's the idea that you can keep your tin box and use it for a million things afterward. We wanted that notion of longevity and collectability."

Wasserman added that Canopy's design process took months of collaboration with its design team where some details were obsessed over and precision callipers were used to measure its packaging down to the millimetre.

Not only were the measurements precise, but so was the planning. To meet the launch and ongoing demand, we delivered:

9 Completely Custom Manufacturing Lines

5 factories contracted with +2600 workers working round the clock to meet launch demand

Built capacity of 1.595M tins / week

And how did it come to life?

Oh, and did we mention the patent we received - and passed on CGC - for the creation of Pre-Rolled Holders?

Design to Delivery? You bet.

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