Leading into the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, Coca-Cola was looking to change the game.

How do we create a give away that:

Delivers outstanding visual branding in a crowded space? Reduces discards on route and environmental impact vs. previous years? Meets the budget?

You invent something new.

Standing out in a crowd of millions is never easy, but with Coca-Cola and FCC working together, we came up with an exciting, new to-the-world high-value product: The Glow Bottle.

The Glow Bottle is a perfect replica of the iconic Contour Bottle, made from new and recycled foam, wrapped with multicolour, 3-D artwork, and loaded with 3 changeable LED lights and a replaceable battery.

The results?

Huge excitement.

Let us make something new-to-the-world that delivers against your business objectives!