Focus Creative Concepts has been ethically manufacturing in China since 1977.

Today, the company is run by our Toronto leadership team.

Jonathan Maile

Managing Partner

Jonathan began his career in manufacturing in 1996, touring factories at home and abroad to learn about cost efficiencies, quality control and manufacturing ethics. After working in this industry for several years, Jonathan spent 3 years as a brand manager at P&G Canada, leading scale-marketing planning and execution before returning to the manufacturing industry.

For the past 10 years, Jonathan has been at the helm of FCC, developing it from an instrument of pure manufacturing to a strategic partner for major corporations that provides turn-key, ethical, sustainable products.

Today, Jonathan is a global expert on bringing to life new-to-the-world custom products that are ethically manufactured, while meeting corporate financial objectives. Turn-key, end to end, big picture thinking are all at the heart of his day to day work. He is highly skilled in Operations, Manufacturing, Logistics and Solution-Orientated Thinking.

Monica Tate

Operations Partner

Monica Tate spent 5 years in the world of consumer packaged goods marketing at P&G Canada, leading some of North Americas largest brands and then coaching brand managers on how to deliver honest and impactful environmentally sustainable messaging with a role in Global Public Relations, Sustainability.

Today, Monica Tate is a partner at Focus Creative Concepts, a manufacturing and strategic consulting firm for packaging and consumer premiums. Monica believes that good business practices are the key to solving larger world issues, such as climate change, pollution and plastic waste. She has committed her professional career to bringing impactful shifts to the CPG industry to leave the world a better place for future generations.

Quality Control, Manufacturing and our Hong Kong experts.

Stanley Yuen

Chief Executive, Focus Hong Kong

Stanley was a pioneer in developing cross-continent manufacturing relationships between China and North America. For over 35 years, Stanley has worked with FCC as the leader of all Chinese operations, heading this division from our office in Hong Kong.

Responsible for creative materials and construction development, manufacturing and shipping of high quality merchandise, cost effective custom premiums and primary packaging for brands, Stanley prides himself on delivering perfect product every-time, on budget, while making sure everyone who works on his projects are fairly paid and in safe working conditions.

Thomas Lee

Chief Operations Officer, Focus Hong Kong

Thomas has over 20 years experience in the custom manufacturing industry, with responsibility for product development, manufacturing and quality control. Thomas is skilled in project management and leading multifunctional teams including industrial designers, engineers, factory owners and workers. Thomas is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, English and Japanese.