Our Flexible Factory Model: Scalable. Ethical. Controlled. Unique.

Our Secret Sauce.

We don't own factories - we own relationships.

We call this our Flexible Factory Model.

Through our ever-growing network of over 70 ethical factories, we are able to take over production to manufacture whatever our clients need, all while retaining full control over ever piece we produce.

And our terms? Full and total control

We make sure every factory meets our stringent health and safety standards, employees are paid a fair, living wage - and production output exceeds every international quality standard. Ethical manufacturing is baked into what we do, and we won't work any other way. Those are our terms.

As soon we the terms are agreed, we take over the factory for the duration of production.

We're in control, every step of the Way

Next, we parachute in our own production and line managers. We create locked cages for raw materials and finished goods. And we never spot-check finished goods.

Why? Because we check piece by piece. 100% of every item we manufacture - without compromise. This means that the end result is always perfect.

The cost advantage of overseas manufacturing, with the control standard of local production.

Scalable. Ethical. Controlled. Unique.

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