Turn-Key Packaging and Premiums

To provide large-scale corporations with strategic, custom manufacturing solutions.

We offer turn-key delivery of your packaging and premium dreams: once you engage us, we take care of everything. From Strategy and Design to Manufacturing and Delivery, FCC is your only point of contact. Click here to learn more about our streamlined process.

Our Ethic

Factories can be unsafe places for many reasons. Lack of safety gear. No ventiliation. Forced labour. Even child labour. FCC is proud to work only with factories that meet our stringent ethical standards. Click here to learn about our unique Flexible Factory Model.

Sustainability Offerings

When designing new-to-the-world products, we consider the entire life cycle. Through our sustainability partners and in house manufacturing experts, we make recommendations to reduce the environmental impact of our products by considering: recyclability, collectability and bio-degradability.

Carbon Neutral? It is possible.

Through our partnerships with nature conservancy organizations across the world, we're able to complete life-cycle analyses of the products we produce - and offset them.